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Re-organized the Categories and Tags

WordPress, the blogging software I’m using, allows me to tag each post with both categories and tags. I just spent the past hour re-tagging and categorizing everything to make my old posts easier to navigate.

Categories are broad way of organizing things, for example: cooking, homeschooling, goals. If you click on a category name below a post, you are taken directly to an archive of all the posts categorized the same way. Fancy, huh? Also, the categories are listed down the right column of the blog, to make them easier to find. Maybe you just like posts about cooking and don’t want to see anything about homeschooling — now you can ignore the things I say that you don’t like! But, of course, you won’t do that. Right? Right??

Tags are a ways to drill-down into those categories. I have one for each homeschooling subject, a tag for gluten-freeFODMAPs, and recipes. I even have a tag just for items having to do with portfolio reviews. Once again, click on the name of the tag below a post to go to an archive of all the posts with that tag.

So far I’ve just roughly re-tagged everything. Over time I’ll probably notice things that are still tagged wrong. But I did the bulk of it and got rid of some of the extraneous categories which I thought made navigation from the right column a little too difficult.

Next up: fix the page design.