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TBT: Coding and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Today’s Throwback Thursday involves teaching the kids to code… by making them tell me how to make a peanut butter sandwich. It’s a very classic coding activity. I remember doing the same in my computer class thirty years ago.


Throwback Thursday: Prehistory and a Pangaea Flip Book

Today’s Throwback Thursday is about prehistory. It includes links to some great picture-intensive books about pre-history as well as a link to a website where you can print a pangaea flip book that you can make.

Prehistory – Books to Read and a Pangaea Flip Book to Make

Since I wrote that post, there are a few more in the same series:

We haven’t gotten around to reading them yet, though, but we loved the earlier books in the series.

Throwback Thursday: Music Theory

Check out this old post from 2012 about finding a nice music theory resource.

Throwback Thursday: Unschooling Minecraft

Here at Home Is Possible, we are certainly tending towards unschooling these days. This Throwback Thursday, take a look at a post from about two years ago. The Boy managed to cover most of his subjects himself, using Minecraft:

I Guess This is What Unschooling Is Like

And hey… right now he and his sister are playing Minecraft again right now.

1, 5, and 10 years ago in August

Ten Years Ago

10 years ago, I was having the worst morning sickness ever. I
couldn’t even keep down water. But still, I went to the Daytona Reptile
show to see my internet friends and (apparently) to buy a blue tongued
skink. It was wonderful seeing people I’d known for years — I really
wish I could have made it back other years!

Five Years Ago

I had a 1 year old little girl.

And she needed surgery again to have another ear tube put in so she could actually, you know, hear. And maybe learn to talk.

Thumbs up to homeschooling

And I made one of the biggest decisions ever: I decided that Home IS Possible and I quit my job and started homeschooling. Happy home to us!!

And The Boy rode his first roller coaster.

He liked the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

We also spent a lot of time at the Children’s Museum.

One Year Ago

A year ago we celebrated The Girl’s fifth birthday with a family party at her favorite sushi restaurant.

The garden was doing so well.

The baby enjoyed minecraft.

And we made gluten free fractal cookies.

1, 5, and 10 years ago in April


One year ago, we were hoping winter would end so we could get out and stop being sick and get the garden planted.

We rode bikes,

We painted,

we built the garden,

and planted the garden.

The kids learned a lot about yardwork and we all got blisters.

got haircuts…

and learned the baby’s favorite animal is a fish.

Also, the boy had his first soccer practice.

Five years ago, grandma came to visit and we had fun playing in the yard (and then washing the baby and giving her albuterol for asthma….) and she learned how to eat all sorts of foods. I wish the other two kids ate that easily!

10 years ago in April I was working on losing weight and working out, and really enjoying not having to drop off and pick up the husband from work every day. Two car family! Woo!

I was on the cutting edge of technical writing, authoring XML-based online help on hardware. During the year I would also collaborate on a new, context- and feature-sensitive XML help system that blew the old one out of the water (I can’t remember which month we started working on it). Oh, I forgot — in February, ten years ago, I went to Win Writers, my one and only time.

1, 5, and 10 Years Ago in March

One Year Ago:

It was cold. It was snowing. We had fevers. It was miserable and winter would never go away. Had to take the poor baby to the ER for dehydration. Our dear Iggy passed away, too, just after her 18th birthday. On the plus side, I taught a barely one-year old to feed me Cheetos. The kids became obsessed with listening to a song about history. The Boy turned 8. Japan had a really bad month, and I spent a lot of time home sick with the kids with running commentary on the nuclear reactor. I didn’t really sleep this month at all.

Five Years Ago:

Found us at the ER with a different sick baby. We learned our little one had asthma and a touch of pneumonia. But we also had a 4 year old! This month was just all headaches, literally, for everyone. Everyone was having health stuff discovered and sorted out, really. I was playing with XML Schemas and XSLT 2 at work…

Ten Years Ago:

I bought a Brand New Car! All by myself, too. So, apparently our VW wagon is 10 years old now. We bought it, knowing we’d need two cars and (hopefully) room for a baby within a year or so. Up until then, we shared one car. We got the wagon because we needed space for a big telescope too. We spent a lot of time sky gazing on top of mountains in those days.
Also, my brother visited from the East Coast with his lovely daughter <3 and we enjoyed the coming of spring by taking pictures of ducks playing in the minty backyard of my parents’ house.

1, 5, and 10 Years Ago (Feb 2011, 2007, 2002)

Or whatever — the history of the month of February. Old posts, old pictures, past things to remember.

A year ago, I learned how to make excellent GF fried cheese, the kids enjoyed being mud zombies, we were sledding, the baby had just met french fries, and everyone kept making pigs in blankets:

Five years ago we made elaborate plans to fan out and get ourselves a Brand New Wii, I became an auntie again, and we had a different little baby, and a different little silly person:

And 10 years ago we lived in a tiny little two bedroom apartment with a couple of lizards and had just decided to get ready to have kids that summer. And the economy was still horrible!