About Me

I’m Katie Kearns, a homeschooler in Maryland.

I have a BS in Molecular Biology and I’m a graduate school dropout. Naturally my work has nothing to do with science — I’m a writer and a XML/web developer. (Yep. I work and homeschool — sometimes part time, sometimes full time).

I have three lovely kids and we’ve been homeschooling since fall of 2007. We began our journey in California, but moved here in 2010.

In my spare time (hah!) I blog, and do sciency and makery things, and I like to cook. The cooking thing started as just a nice way to do science at home and have tasty food, but it’s now also a necessity due to medical problems.

This blog is about my journey into being comfortable at home and having that DIY makery spirit. After all, homeschooling is just DIY school. You can cook at home, learn at home, work at home, live at home… it’s possible.

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