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I’m Katie Kearns, a homeschooler in Maryland.

I have a BS in Molecular Biology and I’m a graduate school dropout. Naturally my work has nothing to do with science — I’m a writer and a XML/web developer. (Yep. I work and homeschool — sometimes part time, sometimes full time).

I have three lovely kids and we’ve been homeschooling since fall of 2007. We began our journey in California, but moved here in 2010.

In my spare time (hah!) I blog, and do sciency and makery things, and I like to cook. The cooking thing started as just a nice way to do science at home and have tasty food, but it’s now also a necessity due to medical problems.

This blog is about my journey into being comfortable at home and having that DIY makery spirit. After all, homeschooling is just DIY school. You can cook at home, learn at home, work at home, live at home… it’s possible.

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for writing this blog! 2 of my children and I have been through so much this past year with my son being compared to other children (by his teacher), his teacher using an angry tone with me on the phone when I was seeking her help to see why my son hasn’t been finishing assignments and why he’s so sad when he comes home. His teacher is a good person I believe, but she is in her early 20s, is overworked, and has a lot of pain from an accident that my son says she talks about a lot in class. Their school is also overcrowded and kids on the bus fight a lot and it’s given one of my sons anxiety. I am so nervous to start homeschooling and scared to death of reviews. I would have to save in order to use an umbrella so I’ll be directly under Baltimore County’s supervision and that’s scary.. Yikes!.. But you have helped me a great deal! Thank you!!!! !! !

  2. Thank you for the invaluable info on homeschooling reviews. It’s very much appreciated. As a homeschooling dad, this is all new to me and so any information I can get is like gold!

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