The Past Two Months…

Hey. I didn’t post. Here’s why: Everything got crazy.

First of all, it was end of year soccer competitions and the nasty sunburns that they give a person. And a trip to Yellowstone. And food poisoning. And dance recitals. And visiting cousins and crazy trips to go see rocks bands and then…

I really, really messed up my knee. Just a fun way my body tells me: “Hey, you’re 40 now. Stop jumping around like that.”

So the past 5 weeks I’ve been in bed in pain, hobbling around the house, and wearing these big knee braces that make me feel like I have a small mech clinging to my leg.

Thankfully, the kids already had a ton of camps planned, plus the pool opened, so they were somewhat less bored.

I’m not going to try to document what we did. Heck, the homeschool monitor even retired, so there was no time to even do a portfolio review on us for the spring.

It’s time to clean the slate and start over with my new ninth, sixth, and second graders!

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