Week 13, 2017 – Keeping Track With Evernote

So… I like to plan possible ideas for doing things… but we frequently do something off plan. I used to like our old tool because it was easy to push things off to the future. But it was still kind of a pain to add in the activity we did instead. It was a lot of clicking.

Also, with three kids, I couldn’t figure out if I should group the kids together as a plan, or have individual ones for each kid (and each subject…. that’s a lot of different classes to manage!). Sometimes they do activities all together, just two (could be any two!) or individuals. So it was difficult to mark who did each thing without so much clicking and messing up. So managing the schedules was hard — I could never figure out how to manage them in a way that didn’t take forever.

Anyway, I moved to Evernote. I have a folder for each week. I tag each entry with the kid’s tag, the subject tag, and maybe other information if I think I’ll care. I can plan stuff and if I use it, I just tag the kids who did it and drag it to the folder for the week we did it. Boom!

I can easily update it on a tablet or phone (which I couldn’t do with the old tool). I can just send it a picture and label and tag it later.

So much easier!

Another huge thing we did was we cleaned up the homeschooling room! We got rid of things the kids used up or was too young for everyone. Then we moved the furniture around. It’s so much more usable now! And the girls decided to make a fort.


  • Watched an episode of Expedition Unknown about King John
  • Used our nice re-positioned wall map to look up the places we’ve been studying in Story of the World volume 2.


  • Kid #1 and Kid #3 made “bombs” out of popsicle sticks. They made some old patterns and figured out some new patterns. It was a great opportunity to discuss potential vs kinetic energy. And eye safety!
  • The first batch of rocks came out of the tumbler fresh and shiny and smooth:
  • We did more work at the PBS NOVA evolution site, and it was extra fun in our new school room. I can hook my extra touchscreen monitor to the laptop, helping everyone see and interact with it more easily:
  • The red tide came up in a book we read, so we discussed what the red tide is.
  • Watched a video of a kid making a Leanardo da Vinci Birdge. We tried to make some out of popsicle sticks, but decided the weight of the building material was pretty important. It was too easy to flick the sticks around as we moved.


  • Took kid #2 and #3 shopping for new clothes, since they keep growing. It was thousands and thousands of steps!
  • Soccer games!
  • Dance classes.
  • Kid #1 wandered through the woods tossing building materials.


  • Teaching textbooks for Kid 2 and 3.
  • Taught kid #1 grid multiplication, which made him so happy! He likes the way it works a lot better than the standard algorithm. We tried it with two digits times two digits, then three by three. He figured there could be a problem with numbers without the same number of digits, so he tried a test problem and found out it worked. Such great mathematical thinking!
  • Kid 2 weighed all the rocks and organized them by weight.


  • Kid 2 and 3 wrote a huge sign for their new clubhouse.
  • While we were cleaning, Kid 3 found a book of riddles and read them to us incessantly.
  • I watched The Two Towers with Kid 2 and Kid 3. Yay!
  • Kid #2 enjoyed some more logic problems.
  • Read part of The Red Tide, a MCT Grammar companion book.
  • Read the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia for SOTW chapters 7-10 as a review.
  • Read SOTW 2 chapter 10, The Bottom of┬áthe World.


  • Eye safety!
  • Kid 1 discussed safety about making clubhouses in the woods.


  • More Chalk drawings!

And remember, this is just the stuff that I know about and remember to record that we did….

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