Week 6 of 2017 — Trip to NOAA

Apparently this was a pretty slow week for us. Or I just didn’t write down anything we did. I forget to a lot… which is another reason I keep this blog. It helps me remember. Of course, it doesn’t do that if I’m not actually blogging!


All the kids listened to me read The Number Devil, chapters 3 and 4 and some more flashcards.

We saw an amazing calculation machine at the NOAA open house (see science, below). It is 11 feet long and 6 feet high and can take up to 37 variables. It takes up to three days to set up for a particular location and time… but it can calculate the tides and graph it. Did I mention it was designed inĀ the late 19th century? It was completed in 1910 and was used by NOAA through the 60s when it was replaced by a computer.



We read Harry Potter at night, watched Wheel of Fortune, and other shows that are fun to discuss, like Monk.


We went to an open house at NOAA. It was amazing! Besides the tide calculating machine I described above, we met a hurricane hunter (and felt what a Cat 1 hurricane feels like). We also met some meteorologists who taught us how to measure snow on a snowboard. The girls colored some fish at a booth that explained how they survey for fish in the oceans. I could not get Kid 1 to go to the booth where you smell fish to determine if they have gone bad. There was a ton of other stuff, too. Two thumbs up!

Social Studies

We read the next chapter in the Story of the World about Muhammed and the beginnings of Islam. The girls did some coloring pages and maps, and we watched another Timeless or two.

Art and Music

I didn’t write anything down…


There was a whole lot of running around in the backyard, plus they went ice skating.

Health & Other

Didn’t write anything down. Oops.

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