Week 2 of 2017 — Even More Sickness

This Fall/Winter, we’ve basically had at least half the household sick with this awful cold thing. It’s like an uber cold. It’s yucky, and it won’t go away. It’s been going on since, oh, September. Ugh,

All the kids:

  • Watched a lot of Top Chef and Monk.
  • Were sick and hung out in the humidified basement play area. A lot.
  • Played a new game we Kickstarted, called Plague Inc. (It’s based on the phone and PC games of the same name). Lots of interesting immune system, virus, and bacteria information. And geography. It’s like… Risk meets the plague.
  • Read about the monks of the dark ages, Illuminated manuscripts, and Augustine and Canterbury.

Kid #1:

  • Learned about the math of tesselation. One of his space games lets you construct your own pieces and it helps if you make pieces that tile together well.
  • Participated in his freewriting class.
  • Write a text-based adventure using Twine.

Kid’s #2 and #3 mostly learned about naps and taking cough medicine. Self care is a pretty important thing to learn, though.

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