Today I Learned: Cloud Cuckoo Land Wasn’t Invented By The LEGO Movie People

I guess my education is sorely lacking, because I thought they just invented that place. It seemed absurd enough to go along with the rest of the movie (which I loved, by the way).

Today we  read from The Oxford University Press book Ancient Greek History about the tragedies and comedies. (Did you know tragedy means “goat song”? I love homeschooling.) And, apparently, Cloud Cuckoo Land was a place that the characters in Aristophanes’ play The Birds visited.

In Greek, it’s “Nephelokokkygia“.

Wikipedia has more information about Cloud Cuckoo Land and The Birds.

Check out the World in Ancient Times series by the Oxford University Press if you’re looking for a great history spine for middle schoolers (more or less — my 4th grader also listens to me read it, and it keeps teaching me new things, so I’m sure it would work for a wide variety of ages). It is a bit expensive, so I bought all of mine used on Amazon. If you wait you can get some pretty good deals. I love the way it’s written. I also love that it references original source material.

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