Solar Eclipse Tonight

There is a total solar eclipse tonight!  The problem is… you have to be in south Asia to see it in person. (If you are in south Asia, make sure to observe the eclipse safely. And send pictures!)

However, if you’re not in Asia, you can still watch online. Slooh telescope has a team set up in Palu on Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The fun starts at 6 pm EST, with some pre-recorded pre-game shows and other astronomical stuff ahead of time. Totality is at 7:37 pm EST:  Slooh Live

Time and Data has more information about this eclipse, with maps and animations.

If you have little kids, help them understand solar eclipses with a hands-on project.

To see more pictures of the eclipse afterwards, Space Weather has a lovely gallery of space images that is sure to be active. In the meanwhile, look at some aurorae, planets, and other space stuff.

Also don’t forget to make plans for the big event in 2017 — a total solar eclipse going straight across the USA!

If I can ever find the rest of my picture archive, I’ll post pictures of what we’ve done in eclipses in the past.

We once had a solar filter for our giant telescope, which meant you could look straight at the sun, and see the action up close.

Other times we’ve made different kinds of pinhole cameras — Simple Pinhole Projector, Cereal Box Viewer, and (my favorite) Cardboard Box Projector.

But my favorite thing has to be when spaces between the leaves on the trees each become their own pinhole camera, making thousands of tiny eclipses appear on the ground.

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