New Sculpy Clay Lines

I apparently missed this last year when they announced it, but Sculpy, the people who make the really nice clay, came out with a bunch of new clays!

We found them because the kids got a sculpy art kit from CostCo for Christmas. It has tons of different clays (including the new ones), clay tools, cutters, molds, and a really nice plastic carrying case.

The first new like is the  Premo! line, which just has some really neat colors.

The second line is Premo! Accents, which has really neat glitter, granite, and translucent clays. They’re nothing like I’ve ever seen in clay.

And then there’s Sculpy Souffle, which is really lightweight and has some other different colors.

I’d love to make some ancient Greek column models with the granite.

Sculpy’s blog has a ton of pictures of the actual clays in use and mixed with other clays.

PS — No, I’m not being paid for this. I just really love clay and I think everyone should see how neat these are.

PPS — I buy art supplies at Blick. They have good prices and sales.

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