Online Resource For Teaching Art

I love finding resources for people like me who sort of piece together a lot of their own curricula. It’s a lot of work finding new ways to easily get information.

Art is one of those subjects that I really have very little formal training in at all. But I did manage to learn enough from a few little picture books that I read when I was in elementary school that a decade later, halfway around the world, I could identify famous impressionist paintings and do a pretty good job of guessing who painted them.

So I’m happy to sometimes use a Facebook group page called I Require Art to just get 1-3 different pieces of art per day that I sometimes choose to share with my kids, or just use for my own education.

Each image is shown with information about the artist, year, where it can be found, and often more information about why the piece is important or noteworthy.

The thing is, it’s all information that’s readily available… but it’s nice to have a curated collection delivered right to my eyeballs every day without being overwhelming.

There is also a web site I Require Art with much, much more information, organized by period, art movement, and so on, so you can find information that ties in with other subjects if you want.

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