My Goals For 2016

I never posted my 2015 goals.

Oh well. I sort of have all new ones this year, I’m sure. A lot of the issues I was dealing with a year ago just aren’t issues anymore! That’s a great thing, isn’t it?

So the new goals for 2016:

  • Get enough sleep — I’m not sure how much sleep I need, so I’m unsure how to measure this. I guess just work on my sleep hygeine and don’t stay up too late.
  • Spend quality time with each kid — I try to work in one-on-one time with kids doing things they like. If that fails, at least take them grocery shopping or something once in a while so we have time where they aren’t in competition with their siblings.
  • Lose weight — Yep. That’s in every list of goals. Health issues make this hard, but I’m feeling way healthier now than in a long time. Now it’s time to actually get it done.
  • Exercise — certainly would help with the previous goal! But being more fit is a goal in itself, even if it does not result in any weight loss.
  • Unpack and sort everything in the house — We have too much stuff, and a lot of it we can’t find or don’t need. Time to go through *everything*. I have a schedule set up in our tracking software, I just need to stick to it.
  • Find more homeschoolers nearby — I could have sworn the place was crawling with them until we showed up. Anyway, this probaly works better once spring hits and people are out and about more.
  • Plan another trip! — Before this year is over, I hope to have the next Big Trip planned, even if we can’t actually go on it by then. Though that would be nice too. And if we can’t go before the end of the year, then at least a trip to the beach this summer!


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