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I was a total math geek in school. I was on the math team in middle school and went to math summer camp. On purpose. For fun. And I liked it!

My kids don’t seem to have the same passion for math that I did. The oldest is actually really good at intuitive math and abstract math concepts, but tends to get a little bored at actual computation. My middle kid is a perfectionist. My youngest might actually end up really being my math kid…

This is the first post in a weekly series of posts about the materials we use. Homeschoolers just love to know what other people use and how they use it. My family tends to bounce around a lot — we can never use the same thing for too long before someone gets bored of it and starts fighting me, so I switch it up a lot.

For math, I really have to pull from a lot of places. My kids never just go through a workbook and do it all methodically… I totally would have (and did!), so I have no idea where they get this from.

The boy (12) — Introducing algebra and such through games and trying to solidify his basics before we plunge forward into harder math. Don’t bore him. Lots of skills practice, applying it to things and games:

The Girl (9) — great at math except her perfectionist tendencies tend to make her stress out a lot. She doesn’t like struggling for answers. Ever.

  • Singapore 3, Beast 4
  • Kitchen Table Math 1-2
  • Playing with Math
  • Random worksheets
  • Lots of games!

The Baby (6) — Loves math. Loves workbooks.

  • Singapore 1
  • Games
  • Kindle Apps like Dragon Box and Dragon Box Elements (which she just finished!)

Other materials we sometimes use include:

  • Math-U-See
  • Living Math

What do you use for math?

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