Today’s Freewrite by the Four Year Old

Every so often (not as often as I’d like), I listen to the kids as they tell a story and I write it down for them. I remember my mom doing the same thing for me, and I’ve always cherished the funny little stories I made when I was little. These days, I get to type the stories, helping me write them down almost as fast as the kids can speak. A weekly freewrite is also part of the Bravewriter writing program, which I really enjoy.

I really liked today’s freewrite by the four year old:

Once upon a time there was a fishy. And then there was clownfish and she said “hi!”. So they swam into the sea anemones. And then there was a sea grape. They both shared it. And then there was a grape and they shared it too. And then there was another grape and there were actually two grapes and they shared it and they got one. And they ate it at the same time. And then there were two more clown fishes. There were four now. Now there’s four grapes. And then they eat the same time. They all eat at the same time. So, they got eight cherries. So they kept and then they saw a rock. And then they went in their sea anemones. And then there was a cherry and it hugged them. I’m done.

My favorite part is when she paused to count how many cherries she would need for each fish to get two.

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