Love Me Do

Official school is still on hiatus while I do fall cleaning and Halloween costume sewing… but we seem to just be accidental unschoolers. I just can’t get them to stop being interested in things and learning stuff. Geesh, kids. 😉

For those of you watching me on Facebook, you may (or may not, knowing Facebook) know that we have a colony of mealworms. (Or is it Kingworms? I can never figure out which is which). The first one that turned into an adult was eaten by the worms, so the next time one pupated, we moved him into his own tank. Then another one pupated and we didn’t know what the adult would do with him, so we put him into another tank. But then we ran out of tanks.

Today we had a new pupa (and 3 about to pupate) so we decided this was a good day for the adults to move in together. The kids are hoping for baby mealworms. But we didn’t know if they would go cannibal, so they are taking turns babysitting the beetles.

The Boy decided they needed romantic music — I jokingly suggested “Love Me Do”, but he couldn’t find it on iTunes (I think it’s only on the upstairs computer). Instead, he went to the kid’s playlist and just searched for everything with the word love in the title. Pretty good problem solving!

So far they have feelered each other. One pushed the other off of the communal carrot, so we added a second carrot. One ate a little and now they are both sitting in opposite corners, looking surprisingly pouty. I have no idea how to tell a beetle’s gender, but since there doesn’t appear to be any difference between them, I’m guessing they’re the same gender. Oh well — we have four more adults on the way!

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