Outlining His First Essay

Today The Boy outlined his very first essay. It goes with our grammar and writing curriculum, even if it wasn’t one of the assignments. The books have introduced the idea of an essay, some examples, and described the sorts of strategy you use to put together the paragraphs.
So, because he was already trying to persuade me to get pizza and started to list all of his reasons, I opened Google Drive and started a new sheet and just wrote down what he said. It took one more minute to guide him into categorizing things and making a quick outline with a phrase or two he might use in a topic sentence. Then, out loud, he gave me an example of what it might say.

Motivation: Pizza.

Brainstorming Reasons for pizza
  • You wouldn’t have to cook or use any dishes besides a pizza cutter
  • paper plates
  • kids like it
  • no arguing over dinner
  • spinach pizza is healthy — spinach, tomatoes, parsley, cheese, bread
  • it’s good.

Persuasive essay outline:
  1. Intro
  2. Healthy — pizza is a square meal
    1. Spinach and tomatoes are veggies
    2. Cheese is good for calcium and protein
    3. Bread — a major part of the food pyramid
  3. Even though it’s healthy, kids like it!
    1. No fighting
    2. It’s happy — kids would all eat well
    3. Good
  4. Finally, it’s easy for mom
    1. No cooking
    2. No cleaning
    3. No need to come up with dinner
  5. Conclusion
 So — does he earn a spinach alfredo pizza for this?

2 thoughts on “Outlining His First Essay”

  1. In my book he does, but let’s see him put that together into a coherent set of paragraphs, then you can get him something really special. 🙂

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