Goals in July

Well, June was a really good month for my 2012 goals. July… not as much.

 1. Lose Weight: B

The weight loss slowed down a bit, but it’s still going. It’s not quite on track for the year, however.

2. Get in Better Shape: D
Clearly I did not exercise every day. I spent a lot of time failing FODMAPs challenges, eating the wrong things, being really tired, and letting all that keep me from being useful.

3. Wean the Baby: Already complete.

4. Keep the House Cleaner: B
It’s been sort of maintained, but we didn’t really uncover much new cleanness.The dishes were often undone and the kids’ rooms are horrible, but we made the living room and dining room much better, so I figure they sort of cancel out.

5. Streamline bed time: B
Bedtime is still going quite well.

6. Write more: C
I’ve thought about my book more, invented more backstory, researched things, determined some more of the story structure and obsessed over it in every way except for, you know, actually writing it. I also didn’t blog twice a week.

7. Volunteer: B
We had people over and managed a cub scout camping trip. That counts, right?

8. More Trips: B
More pool time, games day, park day, and camping. Adequate, but we didn’t really hit any of the specific places.

So, in summary, I don’t think I did a spectacular job of anything, but I guess I held in there pretty well in the face of all the bad weather and unhappy tummy problems.

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