Spring 2012 Homeschool Portfolio Review: Health and PE, Art and Music, Other

And the rest of the subjects (decided by the State of Maryland) are in this post.


We continued what we’ve been doing all along: reading pages of the Kidpower books, fine tuning our eating habits and hygiene, learning how to play nice with others, and so forth. Just every day stuff that most people do for their kids already.

We studied facial expressions (also as a part of art) and body language to try to do a better job of understanding how people are reacting to how we are talking or behaving.

They learned a lot about going to the doctor and interesting tests they can order, and how to just take it easy and let yourself heal, thanks to me.

I think our trips and visits with family are also a pretty important part of health.

We studied safety in emergencies and fires, in the water, in caves, in hot and cold weather, and in thunderstorms and tornadoes.


We hiked and biked, played soccer, and went to gymnastics. We played with friends at the park, and ran all around the house.

Still, I think we need more. They do still spend way too much time on the computer or watching TV and I wish they were more active. Mostly they need someone to model that behavior — they simply do what they see their parents doing. I hope we can get more active soon.



We gave up on “Meet the Masters”. It had some nice ideas, but it’s just not my style or the kids’ style. So we continued freely exploring all sorts of different media: clay, watercolors, tempera paints, finger paints, markers, pencils, pastels, and chalk. We even made art with beet juice and liquids that turn beet juice different colors. We also studied facial expressions, warm and cold colors, and background vs. foreground.

We did a few more lessons from Drawing With Children, which seems to be working out well for The Girl (and for me!).

The boy is making some really detailed and interesting line drawings.

The Baby continued to decorate the walls, floor, furniture, and herself with paint, markers, crayons, and pencil.


The Boy finally got to sing in a concert with his chorus (other performances were cancelled due to weather or he was too sick to go). The kids enjoy dance parties in the living room to a wide variety of music. The Girl makes up tons of songs, and I especially like her fun little jazzy voice that she plays with when she thinks no one is listening. I’m working on trying to get them to learn to play some sort of instrument… but it’s going slowly. We’re also slowly working through lessons on MusicTheory.net to learn about notes, rhythms, and (recently) scales. They also attended a spectacular performance of their cousin playing the bass guitar. (How do I have no pictures of this?!)


They are all working on their computer skills, cooking skills, and building/tool skills. To the exclusion of many other things. 😉

The boy studied Japanese a little bit, and learned a little more about Javascript and HTML.

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