My Recent, GF, Low FODMAPs Meals

So now that I’ve had a good elimination period, I know how nice my tummy can feel. Yay! The next part is the “challenge” stage — I try small amounts of foods on the high FODMAPs list to see if I can tolerate them. So far, I’m pretty much failing all my
challenges. The best so far was the chicory in Pamela’s vanilla cake
mix. I didn’t notice it so much… A week ago I dared to have ketchup
with horseradish in it (to go with my shrimp) and felt miserable several
hours after. 🙁

But how about some more successful dishes!

Maple-ginger salmon with almond milk mashed potatoes (the kids also had broccoli)
Making yogurt — leave out 24 hours and it’s pretty much lactose free!
Banana Blueberry Pancakes
Rice noodles, shrimp, and veggies with ginger-tamari-pineapple sauce
More rice noodles, and some veggies with almond butter sauce
Zucchini “boats” with tomato slices, cornflake crumbs, and cheese
GF Cupcakes (contains chicory)
Homemade Cream Cheese (post on how to make it soon!)
Homemade crackers with homemade cream cheese
GF Meatballs and grilled chicken marinated in ginger, soy sauce and lemon
Make yourself a taco! (with the leftover chicken)

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