Making Cream Cheese at Home

1. Sterilize your tools! A non-aluminum pot, metal measuring spoons, metal spoon, and a thermometer.

2. Get 2 liters of light cream or half and half. Bring them up to 72 degrees.

3. Find yourself some nice mesophyllic starter bacteria. Mine is from France. Oooh la la! I got it from an online cheese supply store.

This is 50 doses worth!

4. Follow the mesophyllic starters instructions for how much you’ll need
for 2 liters. (I needed like half an eighth of a teaspoon. I eyeballed

Then you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

12 hours.

Then it magically gets nice and solid and smooth and beautiful.

So thick you can scoop it.


5. Put it into butter muslin (fine cheesecloth for soft cheeses) to hang for 12 hours.

I just tied mine to a wooden spoon and hung it in a pot.

I couldn’t let it hang 12 full hours, but this is what it looked like after 9 or 10. So I put it in the fridge and let it sit for the rest of the day.

When it was done I put it in a container made for veggies that has small holes in the lid and a little stand on the bottom (so fruit doesn’t sit in water) that lets it continue to breathe and release any extra liquid.

It tastes spectacular.

I put it on homemade almond, parmesan and herb crackers and it was so good! I also mixed it with fat free yogurt and maple syrup and it tasted like dessert. Next I want to try cooking with it…

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