June Goals

It’s the halfway point on the year 2012. How am I doing on my 2012 goals? Last we checked in May, I was working mostly on things related to me and the kids, and trying to get healthier. Well, I’d say it worked very well!

1. Lose Weight: A
Why, yes! The chart to the left is the weight I’ve lost since January 1st. The weird spike is from the trip to Alabama — either a scale error or just overwhelming dehydration from the 14-hour car ride. But after that, it’s a nice slow, steady weight decline!

The goal is 135 lbs, but I’m still 15-20 lbs away. I haven’t lost much yet, but to make my goal by the end of the year, I only need to lose between 1/2 and 3/4 of a pound per week, as I have done for the past two months.

2. Get in Better Shape: A
I’ve set the stage for this, by visiting a new set of doctors and getting a new perspective on my issues and new things to try… and they’re working! YAY! I’m still on the challenge stage of the FODMAPs diet, so there are days I feel bad, but I’m definately getting out and about more. July I will hopefully be starting couch to 5K (again), some yoga for core strength, and running around with the kids.

My goal is to exercise every day for a month — lets see how many days in a row I can get in July!  (A great way to track things you want to do every day is an app like Don’t Break the Chain or Joe’s Goals). See my exercise calendar over there at the top right. –>

3. Wean the Baby: A
All done. Over one month later she still asks sometimes or throws a tantrum, but it is done.

Goal complete!

4. Keep the House Cleaner: B
It is ever so slowly slouching towards cleanerness (I’ve decided that is a word). Hopefully as of this posting, we’re getting a new modular sofa at IKEA, rearranging the living room furniture, and sending most of the kid’s toys out of the main floor of the house.

The goal is that every room gets vacuumed and dusted regularly, dishes done every day, laundry put away every week and so forth. Well, I think we’re still trying to find homes for everything and organize. The rest will mostly happen after that.

5. Streamline bed time: B
It’s a million times better than last year. The two older kids are pretty much “done”, I just need to get the baby’s sleep a little more regular, and involve less TV and more book reading. 🙂

The goal was to read to both girls at the same time and then spend a little time with the boy. So far I’m still just reading to the older two, but that’s good, too.

6. Write more: A
I worked on my book some at the beginning of the month and wrote more than a dozen blog posts. Go me!

The goal was to blog twice a week and make progress on the book. Done!

7. Volunteer: B
I’m rounding up the food I can no longer eat from the pantry and getting ready to take it to Manna food center. I also have about 27 boxes of baby stuff that needs to get to Goodwill. I’m reading all about the Webelos requirements and electives so I can hopefully plan a cub scout meeting before the end of the year…

The goal was to organize a homeschool field trip, plan a cub scout meeting, and have some nieces and nephews over. We’re still nowhere near that, but this goal does require several others being completed first, so it’s a latter-half of the year sort of goal and we’re well on our way.

8. More Trips: A
We visited the splash pool twice, Baltimore to see the tall ships, downtown to see the Botanic Gardens, Air & Space, and Natural History museums. The Cub Scout enjoyed day camp, too. We ended up missing the baseball game due to my tummy and the husband’s work, and we went to the Smithsonian instead of the zoo, but I’m sure we’ll get there soon (as long as we have another nice weather day!)

The goal was one small and one large field trip per month, and we easily did that this month! Yay! I also had a list of 17 specific places, and we’ve visited 4 of them so far, and have plans for 4 more of them. (One can’t be done this year now that we missed it.) I guess I need to plan the other half!

So, in summary, I give myself 5 As and 3 Bs — everything is either complete or very well on its way compared to six months ago. Am I on the honor roll yet? 😀

Do you remember any of your resolutions? How are they going?

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