Goals: March Update

I made eight goals for myself in 2012, and updated you on them at the end of January and February.

I have to be honest, this was a tough month. The girls each had a fever for 5 days, I had some sort of bronchitis and maybe an attack of gallstones. Oh, and I threw out my back horribly at the very beginning of the month. We had to fix the garbage disposal. The husband had to work some extra hours. It was just one of those months where I thought I finally had everything under control and then it totally went crazy.

1. Lose Weight: F.
I’m back up to the weight I was at the very beginning of the year. I’m eating based on what won’t make me sick today, not what will help me weigh less in 5 months.

2. Get in Better Shape: F
Yeah, not so much. I sound like I have emphysema and I’m complaining about my aches an pains. I feel like I’m 80.

3. Wean the Baby: C
We had a few good days and nights with this, but she had a fever for 5 days, so I couldn’t really work on it then.

4. Keep the House Cleaner: D
I did my best under the circumstances.

5. Streamline bed time: B
Considering all the crazy, this has been going pretty well. We even had one glorious night where the baby went to sleep with Dad while I read each kid their choice of books and it was all over in 1 hour!

6. Write more: B
I think I did fine with that. I have many blog posts up and I’m happy with several of them, and even did some work on my book while I nursed the feverish baby for hours on end.

7. Volunteer: F
Not when there are dirty dishes on every conceivable surface of the kitchen.

8. More Trips: B
We had a great trip to Clara Barton’s house and I even planned a really nice day at the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was going to be perfect — the peak of the blossoms, on the spring equinox, on the 100th anniversary of the gift of cherry trees. How special! But no. Coughing and fevers don’t go well with that. But I get credit for almost doing it, right? Right??

So that gives me 3 Fs, a D, a C, and 3 Bs. And I think I’m being pretty lenient. Oh March…. you really dislike me.

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