1, 5, and 10 years ago in April


One year ago, we were hoping winter would end so we could get out and stop being sick and get the garden planted.

We rode bikes,

We painted,

we built the garden,

and planted the garden.

The kids learned a lot about yardwork and we all got blisters.

got haircuts…

and learned the baby’s favorite animal is a fish.

Also, the boy had his first soccer practice.

Five years ago, grandma came to visit and we had fun playing in the yard (and then washing the baby and giving her albuterol for asthma….) and she learned how to eat all sorts of foods. I wish the other two kids ate that easily!

10 years ago in April I was working on losing weight and working out, and really enjoying not having to drop off and pick up the husband from work every day. Two car family! Woo!

I was on the cutting edge of technical writing, authoring XML-based online help on hardware. During the year I would also collaborate on a new, context- and feature-sensitive XML help system that blew the old one out of the water (I can’t remember which month we started working on it). Oh, I forgot — in February, ten years ago, I went to Win Writers, my one and only time.

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