Trips Lead to New Ideas

One thing I’m really enjoying about the little trips we’re taking is that it really seems to help get the kids out of their rut and try something new. Last month we went to Mount Vernon and really had a great time. In the gift shop, The Boy picked up a nice little quill and ink holder set with a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Not only did he have me read him the entire thing, which I interpreted in the form of a break-up letter (It’s not me, it’s you!), but then we just had to get some ink for his ink well.
I didn’t really want him with permanent ink all over the house, so we made some. After checking around on the internet, we found a recipe using coffee. So we made that. Then we made one with tea. Then we remembered the beets we canned and how beautiful the beet juice was, so he drew with that as well!
So, for a change, he didn’t spend the morning playing on the computer, he spent it on a little chemistry, civics, and penmanship!

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