Things I Like: The Oatmeal’s Grammar Posters

Okay, caution when approaching The Oatmeal — it’s so very Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or kids at times. In addition, it’s also incredibly funny.

This post is about the series of grammar posters he produced. I picked them up on sale back when there were only four of them, thinking they would eventually be nice for school.  They have some silliness to them but, IMHO, they are ok for my kids. Some people wouldn’t agree, and if you don’t, then don’t buy them for your kids.

Anyway, today the day came. They day one of them finally tied into our grammar book. The Boy’s lessons have been about clauses: independent and dependent, compound and complex sentences, and the punctuation required. Which led to discussion of the most misunderstood punctuation mark, the semicolon.

So I ran upstairs, grabbed the roll of posters and showed off the semicolons one. It certainly got The Boy’s attention. 

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