Tangram French Toast

For math, one resource we use is the Living Math web site. Instead of using standard math textbooks, it introduces math concepts through living books — story books and history books and books that play with math. Even better, it is organized chronologically and has the ability to be synchronized with our history spine (well, spines — I’m coordinating Story of the World and History Odyssey together). Each living math lesson goes along with four chapters or so of history.

It has a lot of fun activities and great lists of picture books and activity books. We’ve practiced body counting, used an abacus, and made quipus and counting sticks.

Recently, part of the lesson involved reading the story Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes which introduces tangrams. I used our paper cutter to make each kid their own set of magic shapes in their favorite color out of card stock so they could replicate the pictures in the book.

A house!

A day or two later, the kids wanted french toast for lunch, so I made tons of it. I always ask them how they want it cut. When I was little, I learned my letters by having my mom cut them into my toast. I’ve done the same with my kids (I cannot explain how very hard the letter S is) and they even ask for snails, dinosaurs, and other crazy shapes. That day, they asked for the magic shapes. After cutting three sets of shapes in card stock, I had enough practice to actually do a pretty good job in french toast, if I do say so myself!

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