2012 Resolutions, February Update

I made eight goals for myself in 2012, and updated you on them a month ago.

Here’s a quick update on my progress in February. For fun, I’ll grade myself! (And no, I don’t even grade the kids… but it’s easy to summarize my progress this way and maybe compare to other months.)

1. Lose Weight: D.
Same weight as a month ago. But hey, I didn’t gain any either, so it’s not a total fail!

2. Get in Better Shape: C
I haven’t had time to do much “exercise”, but I have been getting the kids out and about and to parks and things that take a lot of effort. We’ve gone on several hikes and trips with great amounts of walking (and carrying the kids!) and I think it’s helping.

3. Wean the Baby: F
Absolute fail. I miss sleep. I think I need to wait for a less clingy phase. Maybe next month…

4. Keep the House Cleaner: A+
This has been a great month for that! We spent two entire weekends cleaning up, reorganizing bedrooms and moving furniture around and dusting and going crazy. Also, the dishes are kept up with and so is the laundry!

5. Streamline bed time: B+
This has gotten better. The kids are going up to bed quite regularly, without a lot of coming back down for things they forgot. Not so much crying or whining, and the baby has mostly gone to bed in a shorter amount of time, usually 30-60 minutes instead of 120-180. (yay!) Reading the baby to sleep isn’t working yet, though. It just doesn’t settle her down.

6. Write more: B
This is going ok. I didn’t blog much in the middle of February, but really I can either do things or write about them, and I’d rather do things! I’ve been so tired at night from all the going out, putting kids to sleep, and so forth that I haven’t been up to much writing. I’m just getting over having accidental gluten, too, so the past ten days I’ve been operating on Very Little Brain and too uncomfortable by night to sit up at the computer. Plus, my computer was out of service another week, due to a failed memory module.

7. Volunteer: F
Um. Yeah.

8. More Trips: B-
We’re doing an okay job with trips. We went to Mt. Vernon for our big trip this month, and had a great time. I was hoping for two trips a month, but we spent most weekends and energy just cleaning up the house.

So I have 1 A, 3 Bs, 1 C, 1 D, 2 Fs. Needs work. 😉 Yeah, I’m a tough grader. I hope to see more improvement soon, once icky winter is over.

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