Things I like: Gluten Free, Rice Free Banana Bread

I had a few old bananas laying around the other day, and no one in the house will eat a banana once it’s gone grown. If it has some spots, my husband will eat it, but I prefer mine a little green on top. Once they go all brown, the taste is just weird. But old brown bananas are perfect in banana bread! So, I did a quick search at Gluten Free Girl and the Chef for a recipe for banana bread. I tend to love their recipes and I’m always looking for a recipe that uses teff, one of my new favorite grains.
The first time I made it with the kids, we used homemade fat free yogurt instead of full fat yogurt and we skipped the crystallized ginger, and it turned out great! What a wonderful way to use up bananas! I really enjoy recipes that use interesting flours like sorghum and nutrient-packed, flavorful grains like teff (it’s a complete protein!) instead of so much rice flour. Even the kids and my husband loved it and ate the whole thing within hours.
A few days later we had even more brown bananas so I decided to make two more loaves. I substituted the homemade yogurt again, and decided to try crystallized ginger (without chocolate) in one, and just chocolate chips in the other. I also used coconut oil instead of butter to make it lactose free and milk fat free. Once again, it was eaten up in record time, though The Boy did not like the non-chocolate chip version.
Oh, and the baby refused them all. I have no idea why.
Above, you’ll see the first loaf posing with my new hand-held mixer (thanks mom!). For recipes as quick and easy as this one, it seems pointless to drag out the big Kitchen Aid mixer. A lot of quick bread recipes such as this one, brownies, pancakes, and the peanut butter bars I’ll be posting soon, actually don’t even want to be mixed up all that much, making a hand mixer ideal.

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