Resolutions and Goals for 2012

Self-improvement is important for me. Without something to strive for, I feel pretty horrible and useless. So I am constantly setting goals for myself — daily, weekly, yearly. I have goals for my home, school, work, and fun. I try to be realistic, but still push myself. Sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes I’m not. But it’s good to write it down and periodically re-evaluate to see how I’ve done and reset goals either higher or lower as they require. Higher, if I’m doing well and I want to continue to improve, lower if it’s harder than expected or just lower in priority. Yeah, I’m a little crazy. I’m clearly the only person to ever read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and decide that that level of list-making and self-evaluation sounded good.

But setting goals isn’t enough. I also have to know how I’m going to get there. So I’ll list the activities I’ll engage in and how often plus a way to know when I’ve met the goal. Also, to help guide the choice in method and goal, I’ll list the motivation for each resolution. Each month, I can evaluate my progress and make any necessary tweaks.

Each day I’ll post about a resolution:

Don’t worry, Part 2 of the homeschool semester evaluation is still in the works. 🙂

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