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Resolution 8: More Trips

Description: Go see the local sights and events, either by ourselves or with family, friends, or homeschool groups. Visit family and friends we haven’t seen in a while.

Motivation: Every time I live someplace, when I move away I’m always sad to think of the things we never did. In California, I never visited Yosemite. That’s sad. And I love traveling.

Method: I freed up a day of the week from activities, plus we have a few Mondays free from cub scouts. I can use it to cook with Grandma, or plan a trip to a local place, like the Smithsonian. The baby is older, so we can travel further. Each week or month when I plan school, I will also look for local places that might tie in. I’ll read the news and other sites for local events. I’ve been making lists of places I want to do and things to do (like seeing the horseshoe crabs come ashore!) and I need to find the time and energy to plan those trips.

Minimum Place list:

  • Air and Space Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Any art museum
  • Any government building
  • The Mint
  • A battlefield
  • A factory
  • A farm
  • The zoo
  • Cherry blossom festival
  • Fireworks
  • The beach
  • Sporting event
  • Musical, play, ballet, something. A few of those, even.
  • Family in North Carolina
  • Family in Alabama
  • Camping!

Goal: At least one small and one big trip per month. We’ll start with two small ones, though. Also, visit all the places on the list — the very minimal list.

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