Resolution 6: Write More!

Description: I want to keep this blog updated and work on writing a book that is in my head and won’t get out until I put it on paper.

Motivation: I need to get this book out of my head. I want to document our home and school and share with similarly minded people. I want to keep in practice with writing. Best case scenario is that it brings me joy, friends, or money somehow.

Method: Complete goals 1&2 to help my brain work. Complete goal 3 so I can type without a baby kicking my hands. It’s really hard to type when she’s kicking me, laying on my arm, and demanding a new Youtube video every 2 minutes. Complete goal 4 so I can find a nice clear place to work and my thoughts are in order. Complete goal 5 so I have more time at night and shift some school time to later. The more goals I complete, the more time I’ll have to write! I also received a refurbished laptop for christmas, so I can relax and write — often I just want to lay down, not sit at a desk. Plus, I now have the wonderful application Scrivener. It’s a game-changer. 🙂 I’m going to work on using the option in Blogger to publish later (like I did with this whole series!) in order to get ahead of my publishing date. This also lets me have a few days to sit on a post and edit it, which always help. Finally, I just need to schedule that hour or so in to the end of each day and actually *do* it!

Goal: Another ongoing goal, but if I make progress on the book and blog at least twice a week, I’ll be happy. Blogging every day would be spectacular. Finishing a book would be the cherry on top.

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