Resolution 5: Streamline Bed Time

Description: bed time has gotten out of control. We’ve had sicknesses, moving, kids getting older, too much nursing and 50 other things make bedtime non-regular.

Motivation: We need to get it until control in order to capture more productive time for me, more sleep for the kids, and higher quality reading for school.

Method: Currently the baby falls asleep late, while nursing and watching Psych. I’m hoping she’s finally at a point where I can read her to sleep (please don’t try to tell me I’m doing it all wrong. I know my kids and she and her brother were not reading-to-sleep toddlers.) We need to pick a time for each kid to get ready for bed and have a bedtime ritual and stick to it. this is going to take some trial and error. First see if I can read the baby to sleep. Then I need to see if I can combine her reading with her sisters’ without them just instigating each other and making me crazy. It would also be nice to add in time with The Boy, since we used to have our best conversations at bedtime. And it would be good to introduce him to some decent literature or read about science or something. So, to sum up, I’ll try reading the baby to sleep in bed, then try to add her sister, and if we can manage all this it should make time for The Boy and then for me later, plus help with school reading!

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