Resolution 3: Wean the baby

Description: She’s about to turn 2. I’m so so so tired of the nursing. End. It. Now. In fact, I’m having trouble typing this, because she’s pawing at me.

Motivation: She’s. Almost. Two. I can’t sleep at night, or type on the computer without her laying in my lap and kicking me. My nursing bras are falling apart and I refuse to buy more. And I do have trouble losing weight when nursing. I just crave fat and dairy way more.

Method: Oh, who knows. We just had a conversation about it. She agreed that she was willing to stop pawing at me in exchange for hot chocolate. But it’s just one battle, not the whole war. I’ll start limiting her to maybe 5 minutes a side and then that’s it. Then limiting her at night. None. NONE! She was actually weaning back in October before The Great Knife Wound of 2011 when I suddenly couldn’t walk and our activities all dropped to zero. She doesn’t nurse when we’re out and about really — so we’ll try filling our days with going places and doing things.

Goal: I’ll know I’m done when she doesn’t nurse. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Resolution 3: Wean the baby”

  1. Hahahahaha! I’m in the same place. With the nursing bras even. At least yours can be reasoned with. Mine looks at me like I’m nuts when I explain that the “milk is all gone”. Boys.

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