Resolution 1 and 2: Lose weight and get in better shape

Description: This is actually two separate resolutions, but listed together because they are entangled. You can get in cardiovascular shape without losing weight and you can also lose weight really unhealthily.

Motivation: I want to fit in my clothes more comfortably and have less back pain. I want to run around with the kids more and play with them. I love how much better my brain works when it’s had exercise. I never want to hear my daughter say “You can run, mom??” ever, ever again. I want to help with my son’s soccer team. I want to set a good example and feel good.

Method: To achieve this, I need to do two things: eat better food and exercise.

For better food, I need to plan dinners a little better, which should be easier now that the baby is older, the husband comes home earlier, and we have a couple fewer activities. I try to make a dinner and grocery plan in Remember the Milk each week, but there is room for improvement. I also need to find a better source of fresh produce. This is so  much harder without my beloved produce market in California. I also really need to make sure I don’t eat gluten. When I have some, I’m really sick for 3-7 days. I hurt, I’m sick, my brain doesn’t function, and everything falls apart. I never eat it on purpose, but accidents, especially with cross-contamination, do happen.

For exercise, I don’t have a solid plan right now, but I think I’ll start with 30 minutes on the elliptical per day, and hopefully add in weights when I can find them. Or swimming or bike riding or soccer, when available.

Goals: For goal 1, I’ll be around 135 pounds. For goal 2, it’s never going to be complete, but I’ll know the habit is established when I exercise every day for a month, barring illness.

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4 thoughts on “Resolution 1 and 2: Lose weight and get in better shape”

  1. Better produce? Have you tried Global? Whole Foods? My Organic Market (in Rockville)? Roots (in Olney)? Not sure what is lacking or where you’ve tried, but this is a few more ideas…

  2. Global right down the road? I’ve tried whole foods, and the produce is sometimes spectacular, but the prices are… even higher than trying to shop in CA. 😀

    I’ve been to MOM in rockville — is their new location any bigger or easier to park in? I wasn’t too bowled over by the produce section. The other stuff was nice, though. It’s great for finding weird things. 🙂

    Shopping… in Olney? 😀 Um. Maybe if we go back to visiting northern Silver Spring every friday and come back by way of Olney for 5 Guys.

  3. In Baltimore we used to go to a place called Fresh Fields, but they were bought out by Whole Foods, I believe. They had better produce… and it wasn’t quite as expensive.

  4. Heh. I’ll bet the produce out here is even worse than what you’re getting……I miss the produce of CA too!

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