Drawing With Children — Bird Art Lesson

As part of Art, we’re using a book called Drawing With Children. For each lesson warm-up we practice making some of the “basic elements of shape” in a free form drawing. The book lists some examples you can use, or you choose your own. I, of course, needed it to be more random, so we roll a die. For example, I might roll that we need to draw 3 shapes that are closed, rounded, filled-in shapes (referred to as “dots”, even though they aren’t always dots.)

Some examples of our warm-up one day:

Still getting an idea of the shapes
I decided it was a virus
Then we followed a series of pictures to use the basic elements of shape to make a bird:
I followed the lesson pretty closely…
The girl made something basic at first
While The Boy had flames and fractal claws…
Then The Girl made a more involved scene
And the baby says this is an octopus
It went pretty well, though my kids don’t seem to actually take direct instruction all that terribly well. Never have, really. But at least it’s another idea for us to play with and see where it leads us!

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