2012 Resolutions… one month later

At the beginning of January, I declared that I was resolving to change all sorts of things about myself. I do this a lot. Usually a couple stick and several don’t. You just have to keep trying until the opportunity presents itself. It was surely too many things to try to start at once, but I did keep in mind that this was a to do list for the entire year, not just one week or one month. Many of the things, such as going on more trips, might have to wait until the more immediate things were complete or at least on their way.

Other people have different ideas, such as this writer at GeekMom who posts Don’t Make Hulk Wanna Smash the Internet all about how she hates new year resolutions and especially hates blog posts about them.

Every month, I’m going to review how well I’m doing on my resolutions. Other wise how will I know? Plus it’s a good way to gather yourself and make sure you’re sticking to the plan you set. Little deadlines are better than big ones.

Resolution 1: Lose Weight
Here is a chart of my weight so far this year:

So…. clearly I have not lost weight.

Resolution 2: Get in Better Shape
I exercised a few times. In general, this has not really managed to happen much. I need to find a way to make time for it, but time is in very short supply. The really hard part is just not having a real daily schedule. I can’t plan for much of anything. If I try to get up early to exercise, the baby might be up. Or maybe she’ll stay up late and then I’ll be too tired.

Resolution 3: Wean the baby 
We have tried and tried, but things keep coming up. A cold. She’s probably allergic to milk — so without a substitute, it’s hard to get her to stop. It would help if she actually liked food. Then the husband had interviews, so I didn’t want the baby screaming and keeping him up. So after that I tried again… and the baby started throwing up. So more waiting. Then the husband had a class he needed to get up for at 5:30 am, so I couldn’t have screaming babies at night again. It’s really hard to time this. Maybe February will be our lucky month! It will be easier when we’re out of the house and she isn’t bored. It will be easier when she stops teething, too.

Resolution 4: Keep the house cleaner
This is going pretty well! We’re catching up with the cleaning form when my leg was nonfunctional. We managed to decorate for Christmas and clean it up on time! I’m keeping up with the dishes and laundry mostly (except the week that the husband was mostly never home). We’re unpacking the craft room and straightening up the dining room to make it more functional. YAY!

We have new contracts with the kids, but we’re having some problems finding time to clean every single day. Maybe once the dishes and stuff are more automatic.

Resolution 5: Streamline Bed Time 
The attempt at reading the baby to sleep failed. She just doesn’t fall asleep with books.She did enjoy all the reading, though! We have a timer to remind the kids to get ready for bed and go to bed, which is helping us get them there. But it’s always up in the air who is putting whom to sleep and how. You never know if the baby will let me go put The Girl to sleep, or what. Or when anyone will even be tired. But I’m trying to get the older ones used to the idea that at 8-8:30 the get dressed, at 8:30 The Girl goes up to bed and reads until 9:30, The Boy gets off the computer at 8:30 and goes up to bed at 9:30, and at 9:30 The Girl has her lights off. After that it’s all out of my hands, and I don’t care. I’d love to let them go to bed alone then, and just check on them every 10 minutes or so, but there’s always a spider or wind or something equally horrifying to keep them awake.

Resolution 6: Write More! 
While I haven’t worked on the book at all, I have kept up on my blog here. Go me! I think this has been pretty successful.

Resolution 7: Volunteer
Yeah… get back to me when it isn’t freezing and I get sleep.

Resolution 8: More Trips
Yay! We went to Game Day in Savage, which is a pretty big drive. We also went to DC and saw a sculpture garden or two, the Air and Space Museum, and The American History Museum.Not bad for cold, cold January!

It’s interesting that I’m not doing well at the ones I thought I would and doing much better at the things I thought would be harder. I guess that’s how life is. And another good reason to have eight instead of one!

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