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When you’re homeschooling, not all learning is contained in books, or at a table, or even between the hours of 8-5. Sometimes it’s at night, or running in the backyard, or rolling around on the floor. So I find it hard to really capture *everything* we do for school in a week. On Tuesday, I’m going to put up a post documenting a day in our life (for But of course, no two homeschoolers days look the same, and no two of my days ever look the same, either!

For a little while, the perfectionist list maker in me just stopped recording what we did, because it was just too much pressure to remember every last thing we discussed or learned, or whatever, but now I don’t care. Just realize, science (especially) or history, government, philosophy, or any numbers of things that just come up in conversation might not be listed here. I say this realizing that yes, school kids also have conversations all day where they also learn things. But those conversations are an intentional part of our school, so I really feel like I should list them sometimes.
Not to mention, it often feels like planning the lessons plus writing about them afterwards actually takes longer than the lessons themselves!

Anyway… on to this week!

The boy really loves doing logic problems, so he completed about 7 of them this week. I even had to order him a new book! (Logic Countdown — it even introduces syllogisms, deduction, inference, etc!) He also spent some time at Khan Academy, where his favorite lesson is about identifying conic sections. But this week he worked on angles, subtracting large numbers, fractions, and whatever else seemed like fun at the time. Does anyone know a good way to export information about the past 4-6 months from the site suitable for a portfolio review?

The girl really loves having addition and subtraction problems drawn out of cute things like hearts, apples, and ponies. She also did several pages in her Singapore Math 1A book about sequence, ordinal vs. cardinal numbers, position, and subtraction.

The baby really likes to count two of things. Last night she even pointed to each of four chicken nuggets while we both counted them.

With the baby around and my leg wound, science is a little harder to do. I can’t do anything physically difficult, and the baby is dangerous to have around chemicals. But still, I continued to build on what we were doing to talk about flight with the boy (BFSU II: C-8). We watched a show about the future of flight, involving making flexible wings on planes more like bird wings. We read (in books and on the web) about Bernoulli’s principle, plane anatomy, helicopters, and even wandered off to look at submarines (which ties in nicely to last month’s lessons about buoyancy!). He remembered learning about terms like yaw and pitch at Space Camp, and got to play with a toy helicopter around the house.

The girl played with our globe and we discussed what North, South, East and West actually mean, as well as day and night (BFSU I: D-3a).

The baby is continuing to scientifically investigate everything, mostly with the extra sensitive devices in her mouth. Like her tongue. She enjoys identifying animals and describing their color and their size.

Language Arts
The boy is still working on All About Spelling 2 — he really doesn’t like spelling that much. Really, he learns more from reading and writing (well, typing). But I think some of the rules are still handy to know. We keep the lessons to five words twice a week tops. This week was lessons 2-15, 2-16, and 2-17, words with “er”, “ar” and “or”. We did the next chapter in his vocabulary book, Caesar’s English — serene, acute, grotesque, condescend, and odious. In his grammar book we reviewed adverbs and linking and action verbs, and learned about perfect verb tenses. The most important thing about adverbs? They aren’t your friends.

For the girl, I created little booklets with simple pictures and words for her to read. Sure, there are a million readers out there, but it’s nice to write ones that have all the things they love that just never happen together in a published book. (Like pink worms swinging at the park). She spent some time on Starfall and we read Curious George together (and who knows what else, I didn’t keep track. HAH!). She is in All About Spelling I, and worked on reviewing old words plus lesson 1-23 which is about plurals.

The baby continues to add words to her vocabulary, attempt to add a few more consonants (like the occasional “l”!), and love reading. She also pretends to read words, and likes to play with letter magnets while saying random letter names.  And the draws in books. A lot. Grr.

History/Social Studies
We’re all over the place here, but usually everyone does this together. For The Boy, I read Story of the World III Chapter 36 about the abolitionist movement of the early 19th century. For the girl’s study of ancient history, we read about ancient Mesopotamian clay seals and tried making some. The baby crushed my seal, turned it into a snake, and declared that his name was Psych. (She is obsessed with that show. It’s weird.)

Often for us, health is just about me reminding them to eat, drink, and wash their hands after they go potty. What foods are good, why we need sleep, go drink more water, etc.. But we also use a workbook made by the folks at Kid Power that talks about staying safe, strangers, bullies, and so forth. The boy had pages about what a stranger is and how strangers get to be people we know. The girl learned about how you need to check first with your adult before you pet strange animals, accept food, etc..

The baby resists all attempts at wearing a diaper, clothes, not peeing on the floor, not picking her nose, weaning, eating decent food, going to bed early, or following any health recommendations at all.

This is often free-form. They often make things, draw things, color things. We made things out of clay. We didn’t have any historical art other than beautiful clay seals. Or art techniques, really. The baby drew inside of many books, including library books…

I started The Boy on some Music Theory lessons. This week was about clefs and the staff. The girl and the baby sing songs almost non-stop.

Not much we can do there while I’m hurt. The kids played outside and the girl went to gymnastics.

And that’s our week! Or what I remember of it.

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  1. Music — usually he goes to singing class, but I can’t drive him there.

    SS — he’s also taking a mythology class, but we managed to forget it this week.

    PE — he’s starting gym again next week (?) and is enjoying laser tag with his soccer team today. 🙂

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