Homeschooling Week 49-50 of 2011

I should probably number the weeks based on the calendar, shouldn’t I? Whatever. 🙂

Anyway, week 49 was crazy because we were fighting a hot water heater and were without water for 2 days, so here’s what we did the past 2 weeks. 🙂


The boy did work on symmetry and telling time in Khan Academy, and did half a dozen logic problems. He worked on some word problems in Challenge Math. The girl did more addition and subtraction problems. All together we learned about some of the history of numbers and counting from The Joy of Math and The Secret Life of Math (tally sticks, Ishango bone, double tally sticks), All and none statements in logic, and syllogisms. The baby even demonstrated her knowledge of syllogisms when we left Joann’s Fabrics and I said “All kids must grab a bag!” (She added the second statement in her head, “I am a kid” and the conclusion, “Therefore, I must grab a bag” and refused to let me carry it.) The baby also enjoys counting small groups of things, and making patterns. We all practiced measuring when we baked brownies, donuts, and cookies.


We baked, and baked, and baked. We made a donut recipe two ways and saw how different the results were, just in varying the order of the ingredients and how long they were stirred. We talked about the chemical reactions in the food. Also, we learned about life cycles and studied our little kitchen planter to watch mantises grow, shed, and eat as well as a little caterpillar make a cocoon and metamorphosize into a moth. I’m sure we talked about all sorts of other science, but I didn’t write it down.

Writing and Spelling

The girl finished All About Spelling 1!! The boy is still working through AAS 2, units 18 and 19 about the sounds of “u” and soft “c”. We also practiced writing our numbers, since our math work is often illegible and everyone ends up crying.

Reading and Vocabulary

The girl has been reading little books I make her and is doing a great job. The baby likes playing with letter magnets. The boy reads various Wikis obsessively and internalizes every last bit of it. And then tells you. Incessantly. He also learned the stems “circum”, “ante”, “mal”, “post”, and “equi”.


We reviewed conjunctions and learned the difference between coordinating and subordinating. Also, reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases and how they act like adjectives and adverbs. Then, we did Madlibs.


SOTW 3 chapter 37 about the Zulus and the Boers. The boy couldn’t remember one thing about it… except every last detail about how Shaka Zulu trained his troops. Also, SOTW 1 chapter 4 about the pyramids and the Old Kingdom. We listened to several more chapters in the car, as well. And the history of math stuff above.   
Tally marks on an animal skin


Nothing terribly organized, what with my tendon injury, the water going out, plumbers, coldness, and so forth.


The cub scouts discussed fire safety, putting out yourself or a friend if you catch on fire, dealing with emergencies, knife safety, and related things. We also did pages of our Kidpower book about checking with your adult before you change plans, and giving out personal information.


The cookies were full of art. We also reviewed the five basic elements of shape in drawing, and did a lot of practice drawing.

It was a good two weeks. 🙂

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