This Week in Homeschooling #7 and #8

What an odd pair of weeks! February 12 – 25, 2010.

Week 7 ended with May weather, in the 70s and sunny. Week 8 had a snowstorm in the middle and ended with a lot of wind. This update will now include what the baby is working on, too!

The boy has nearly made his way through the addition and multiplication tables. It’s tough work, but he gets a prize at the end. I’d say “mastered” except that I’m sure he’ll forget it all again. Also, he worked on logic problems in his Professor Layton DS game.

The girl is working on addition, and her brother makes problems for her to work on.

The baby worked on puzzles like “how can I use this key to open the locked cabinet”.

The boy finished our investigations of fungi and bacteria.

The Girl was introduced to energy, forms of energy, and energy transfer. We made sundials, though we never managed to take them outside to try them out.

We performed taste tests of apples and bread, and calculated the average score for each one.

We also delved into maps and globes. We worked out map grid systems, and then turned a red cabbage into the earth and marked the equator, poles, and lines of latitude and longitude. Then The Girl placed a grain of rice (named Joe) on her world, shined a light on him, and had him watch the sun come up and go down while we rotated the cabbage.

We ordered (and received — thank you Amazon Prime!) an excellent book about Prehistoric life, and The Girl and I read about the evolution of humans and she started writing her own journal about things her mysterious secret friend discovered. The Boy enjoyed seeing pictures of life from hundreds of years ago, including a wide variety of ammonites and nautiloids. He then started working on a poster for his cub scouts Blue and Gold banquet about his favorite sea animals.

The baby tasted dirt.

Language Arts
The Boy practiced writing letters in professor Layton (if he doesn’t make them look good enough, the DS won’t recognize it!). We read a lot of books. Lots. Tons. Many. We also read a chapter of Sentence Island.

The Girl continued practicing with All About Spelling, and she’s starting to form short words pretty well. And more and more books.

The baby tried out some new words and phrases, such as “lizard”, and “oh yeah!”. And we read a lot of books.

Social Studies
The Boy read about the Indian empire falling apart, and the rise of the English shopkeepers. Also, tying up some ends in the Far East. Then we started leading up to the revolutionary war with a chapter about the French and Indian War, Seven Years war, and other fun wars in the mid 18th century.

The Girl’s history is currently just learning about pre-history, early earth, and such, though she also listens in on what her brother is doing.

The baby learned that being shy sometimes gets your more attention.

We went to a park day! With people! It was great! We also did gymnastics both weeks. The PE class found a nice indoor location for the days that weren’t good weather, and the kids played dodge ball, capture the flag, and other games like that. We also measured the backyard so we could run back and forth and know how fast and how far we went. We also went sledding and had a snowball fight with their grandmother.

The baby is almost walking and can stretch and reach things on just about any table.

To finish the boy’s wolf badge, we learned about safety at home and on the street. This included what to do in the case of a fire, and bike-riding rules. Also, the ever on-going “is this a square meal?” conversation.

The baby is getting teeth and crying and eating everything in sight and is somehow still healthy!

Lots of coloring, drawing, and such. No real “formal” stuff other than what came along with some other studies.

The baby has painted herself with yogurt and used markers on everything. And ate markers.

We went to music class both weeks, learned new songs, and practiced old ones.

The baby even joined in on class! She likes to bounce and clap along.

We cooked all sorts of things, including mini pigs in blankets, grilled cheese, cheese sauce for pasta, gluten free bread, and whipped cream.

The Girl did even more cooking practice on Cooking Mama (a video game).

The baby, well, she’s found all sorts of ways to make me crazy with food!

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