Monthly Report: July 2017

I’ve decided writing what we do each week is just too much work right now. So instead, I’ll sum up monthly. That way I’m still thinking about it and writing about it, but not quite as often. The school system likes us to report stuff by the month anyway, so I guess this way I make sure we have something to say for each month.

Half of the month, Kid #1 was away at marine biology camp. He did so many things and got a crazy tan and apparently has a new love for kayaking.

Kid #2 did a couple of cooking day camps, which she looks forward to all year.

Kid #3 had no camps, but she did get to go into an inflatable pool with cans of whipped cream, so that was pretty fun, too.

We all went to the pool, though with my bad knee it meant just watching.

We watched nearly a dozen episodes of Expedition Unknown and who knows how many cooking classes. We watched a few episodes of Nova, too.

While their brother was at camp, I read the first book of a historical fiction series called The Missing to the girls.

We all started using Habitica, a to do list that is also an RPG. The kids seem to have taken to it pretty well, and it helps them remember and want to update their to do lists.

While my knee is wounded, the kids have been helpful at cooking stuff — the oldest has been grilling steaks, chicken, pineapple, and brats. Kid #2 made inari for her siblings.

Kid #1 is also working on a shoot up arcade game with his dad to learn about coding.

We’re using Duolingo to learn (or remember) foreign languages. I’m reviewing Japanese, German, and Russian. Kid #1 is learning German and Kid #2 is learning Japanese.

And everyone is learning about team work by playing so much Overwatch. It’s something I could play all those weeks that I had to have my knee elevated and could barely walk.

Next week is the last week of cooking camp for Kid #2 and everything will start to get back more to normal.

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