Week 12 – Rock and Mineral Show!

Every year the local rock club puts on an amazing rock and mineral show. They have tons of rocks, information, activities, and the kids splurge and buy lots of rocks to add to their collections. We look at the rocks and try to figure out what they are, organize them, tumble them, talk about hardness and other qualities of rocks… it’s super awesome.

And this year…. I actually won a door prize! Woo!


  • reading Harry Potter 3 and 4


  • Rock and Mineral Show
  • Another local rocket launch
  • Bird watching — we submit reports¬†using eBird.
  • Diffusion, concentration (BFSU A-12)
  • Friction, force, velocity, acceleration (PheT simulations).


  • Running around the neighborhood
  • foursquare
  • Soccer for kid 2 and kid 3
  • Dance for kid 2 and kid 3


  • Teaching textbooks for kid 2 and 3

Health & Art

  • Square meals
  • Cooking chicken
  • Cooking sausage


  • Chalk pictures outside


  • Practice instruments
  • Learning digital music with Mixcraft


  • Foreign language practice


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