Week 11 – Pi Day!

It was a busy week with pi day and a birthday!


  • Read Harry Potter 3 at night


  • Finish up SOTW chapter 7.
  • Begin SOTW 2 chapter 8: Great Dynasties of China.
  • Made ink quills and ink using tea, and wrote with them.


  • More work on the PBS NOVA labs evolution interactive site.


  • Pi day activities:
    • making pie
    • measuring pi.
  • Teaching textbooks and Khan Academy


  • wandering around outside
  • playing in the snow
  • Kid 2 and 3 went to dance class
  • Went to a hockey game! 😀


  • practice instruments


  • practice weaving on the new loom
  • Kids #2 and #3 did pearler bead art
  • Kid #2 made some cupcakes and decorated them
  • Kid 3 made her own hockey sticks

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