Week 7 2017 – Let’s Start a Band and Why I’m Going Back to My Old Planner App

This was a spectacular week for music, here at Dragon Academy. And it’s a great opportunity to show that you don’t have to do each subject the same amount as every other subject… or even the same amount from week to week. Some weeks are science weeks, some are music weeks… and that’s ok!


I know we did math! But I can’t find it written down anywhere.

This is why I’m going back to Homeschool Buyers Co-op’s planner, Homeschool Planet. I tried to plan in Remember the Milk, which I use for my day-to-day to do list… but it didn’t work out. I couldn’t find a useful way to do recurring tasks that are different… Like I want to do math every Tuesday or Thursday (or whatever) but say which pages or which chapters, which are different every lesson.

Then I tried Evernote with cute little checkboxes, but it just never seemed to work. There’s no good way to plan ahead without making the page really crowded.

So much for trying to consolidate. I felt a little crazy paying for a homeschool planner AND Evernote AND Remember the Milk…. but apparently I am insane and need all three. (Plus a fourth to do list at work.)

My biggest issues with Homeschool Planet are:

  • To edit anything is multiple clicks. I know, sounds kind of whiny of me, but I have three kids and 10 subjects. This is a pretty significant time hit.
  • If you plan too far ahead and let things slide, sometimes it gets confused and messes your lessons up in order. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I think it used to work better a few years ago. I like the new features they’ve added, but maybe it’s just too complicated.
  • If you have three kids and try to have some assignments the same and some different, sometimes it gets really messed up.
  • Its just a constant struggle to figure out if I should make 87 different classes so I don’t have to worry about the things above (except SO MUCH CLICKING AND WAITING) or if I should consolidate and track, say, all three kids math in one lesson thingy and try to untangle it when it inevitably gets confused.
  • It’s just unusable on a phone. I’ll have to see if it works well on a Kindle now that I got myself a new one.

Anyway, these things bug me, but it’ still the best tool for the job. Well… I haven’t tried other homeschooling planners recently. I did a few years ago and just didn’t like them. Maybe they’ve changed.


Well, I know we watched some shows and read Harry Potter 2, but I have nothing else written down, even though I know we did stuff.


  • Great Backyard Bird Count. We used iBird to identify species and eBird to record them. It’s really easy to use eBird to make running lists of the birds you see. And it’s for science!
  • How irises work.
  • How sound waves are different from light waves.
  • Space X launch — watching that rocket land again was just crazy!
  • Tried to watch the Okeanos dive, but it kept having problems.


  • Charles Lindbergh and 1920’s France.
  • I think we didn’t manage to read a chapter this week due to all the other crazy stuff going on. But who knows! Yep, going back to the old planner…


This was a great week for music:

  • Singing in the car (of course).
  • Solas concert
  • The kids all picked instruments that they actually want to play! We’re forming a band! A really…. weird… band!
    • Kid #1 grabbed an alto saxophone after his sister said it looked the most steampunk.
    • Kid #2 chose violin, the instrument she’s been begging to play for years. So we rented her a cute little half size version.
    • Kid #3 chose piano… sort of. She’s so far resisting learning how to play other than what she wants to do. She also toodles around on the penny whistle and the harmonica.
    • I play clarinet. It’s nice to play it again after all these years. I’m hoping to learn a little violin and piano along with the kids.
    • Their dad’s been learning the guitar for a few years now, too.

Like I said. I really weird band.


Um. I have nothing written down. There’s always the ongoing struggles each individual kid deals with. And bedtime.


Lots of foursquare this week, thanks to the beautiful weather. A nature walk or two. The girls did their dance classes, of course.


All in all, a pretty full week, even if there are quite a few subjects up there that we didn’t do as thoroughly as usual. But when the weather is gorgeous, we go outside.

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