Current Status: Geeking Out

Right now I’m:

  • Watching weather data stream in from all over — radars, weather models, twitter feeds of multiple meteorologists and weather researchers. Lightning maps and weather spotters live data. Plus the data from our own backyard, tabulated and graphed for me. So much fun!
  • Counting birds for the people at eBird.
  • Watching the bottom of the ocean with Okeanos, hoping we see another new species today (they’ve been on a roll).
  • Testing the new streaming media NAS the husband set up, so I have Flash Gordon spewing from the speakers of my laptop. (“Flash! Aaa-aaah! He’ll save every one of us!”)
  • Making a note to myself to watch the solar eclipse tomorrow morning on Slooh, an internet-connected telescope.

This future isn’t always horrible.

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