Online Game for Learning About Constitutional Rights

Today I found a fun game to play to learn and practice constitutional rights:
Do I Have a Right?

You are a lawyer who opens a practice to defend people with issues regarding their rights. You hire other lawyers who specialize in certain rights — some aspect or another of a constitutional amendment. People come to visit you with a problem, and your job is to first tell them if their rights are being violated or not, and if they are you need to match them up with a lawyer (including why that lawyer is the correct one) or you can tell them to come back another day.

I played it and it’s pretty fun! Then I sent it to my 12 year old who seemed to find it easy enough… last I saw he had an office with three other lawyers and they were handling a case where a person had trespassed on school grounds and was sentenced to be tied to a flagpole so people could walk past and throw things at them.

It’s pretty humorous, with fun punny names and rather interesting cases.

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