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When I was first thinking about homeschooling and even when I was a beginning homeschooler, I spent a lot of time looking for blogs of a typical day in the life of a homeschooler. I think a lot of people do. The thing is, there are so many different types of people and ways to homeschool that, of course, no two families have similar days. Heck, my days aren’t even similar to each other!

We do not have a typical day. Like I’ve said before, the second anything seems to regular or organized, my little beings of chaos get upset.

Anyway, here is an example of A day. Not a typical day, not a normal day… just a day. It’s a Thursday — usually we would go to co-op (I fully expected to!) but the kids decided to just stay home and spend time together. (Referring to the kids as BK, MK, and LK for big, middle and little…)

08:03 — I woke up, lay in bed reading email, Facebook until 8:30.

reading08:31 — I went downstairs to find the MK reading to the LK. Time for coffee!

hot chocolate08:47 — Coffee and hot chocolate time! We are so tired of winter.

08:49 — Kids are singing the “bottles of beer on the wall” song, but they started at zero and went negative. The MK just learned about negative numbers, so that’s fun practice.

09:06 — Reading history. The kids decided we were doing American History now (specifically the USA, not so much native cultures before that — we covered a lot of that when we studied world history). Today we’re reading about the Mayflower and William Penn. In the meantime, the LK played with an abacus.

teslaAndDrawing09:30 — LK is investigating Tesla coils more. BK doing a lesson in his online Minecraft mod class. MK decided to draw a still life of fruit. We talked about ways to make apples and oranges look different: shape, texture, and so forth.

09:45 — LK decides to paint.

draw and paint10:00 — MK now tracing horses to learn more about how things look in 2d. BK is setting up a mine craft world for his sisters. LK is telling a story about her painting.

fruit10:36 — Now we are eating second breakfast. MK is back to drawing fruit, making a picture of a picnic basket. The LK starts sketching things to be like her sister and works on her potty training.

fruitBasket10:48 — MK finishes picnic picture. Nice shading! Kids go play Minecraft while I read some Twitter.

11:11 — LK comes back to draw, I continue Twitter…

recipe11:33 — Twitter is really talky today. Big kids still playing Minecraft. LK is writing a recipe book on vellum.

hairPotion11:43 — LK has me trim her bangs and saves the clippings. For a project. A potion, apparently. It’s a potion recipe book.

12:03 — I finally decide to get dressed. Can’t find clean pants. Starting laundry! LK made hair portions in a big test tube with her hair and juice squeezed out of a juice pouch. (Wha?!) Big kids still on Minecraft.

12:15 — Big kids empty dishwasher, I start folding a week of clothes. Ugh. Also, I’m walking in place to please the Fitbit.

12:27 — Change a dirty diaper, remind MK to actually empty dishwasher. More laundry and jogging.

12:45 — Posted on the blog for throwback Thursday. Making more food for kids. The big kids tell me the LK drank her hair potion. (EEW!) Now she’s pretending to be a soot sprite.

13:15 — I paused folding laundry to update the blog’s CSS file because I hate serifed fonts online.

powdertoy13:45 — The girls are making sweet rolls. BK is playing with Powder Toy. He’s enjoying experimenting with gravity and orbits. Also, rubidium and making things explode.

13:51 — I guess I should do some dishes.

sweet rolls14:13 — Dishes and sweet rolls complete. Kids eating (again?!?) and making up stories.

curry14:54 — I cooked some curry for me. The girls are tracing fairies and making up silly stories. The BK is watching a YouTube video discussing the legality of who owns The Moon.

15:16 — Now that I’m done eating, it’s time to fold more laundry.

16:07 — …instead I read Facebook. I hate this sinus infection. I’m just so tired. The girls just came looking for food. How many meals do they eat a day?!? Husband just got home a bit ago, too. He’s roasting coffee and taking pictures of birds. I need to start getting MK ready for ballet…

laundry16:10 — Time to fold more laundry and get more steps for the Fitbit. I just got the Helicopter award for climbing 500 floors of stairs!

16:30 — Ended up with a migraine and sat down in bed. Taking Tylenol and medicinal Coke.

17:00 — Finished enduring a migraine, ready to take MK to ballet. This is when I apparently forgot to keep taking pictures.

17:30 — At ballet! Watching cute kids, chatting with amusing 4th grader who is the older brother of another kid in the class.

18:15 — Ballet is over, time to go home!

18:45 — Home. Kids all making random dinners of leftovers and easily cobbled-together items.

18:58 — Time to jog. The Fitbit demands it. Basically, we jog in a circle in the main floor of our house through the kitchen, hallway to the font door, then through the den. They all inter-connect. I’ll read twitter or RSS feeds, or chat with the husband.

19:46 — Almost done with my 5 miles. MK is eating ramen, BK is playing Minecraft with friends in California, LK is watching Clifford.

20:00 — Kids get dressed for bed, brush teeth, find their water, pick out books for bed.

20:30 — I snuggle with girls upstairs while BK watches TV with dad. Tonight the MK reads her first chapter book all the way through by herself! It takes an hour and a half. Her sister falls asleep partway through.

21:00 — BK goes to bed to listen to music, read, watch Youtube videos, and so forth. The girts and I are still reading…

21:30 — Still reading… though the LK has now fallen asleep.

22:00 — Finally done! Lights out, audiobook on, a few snuggles and MK falls asleep. I say goodnight to the BK. Husband still hasn’t finished his steps for his Fitbit (he does about twice as many as I do) so he finished those up which I watch Psych.

23:00-ish — We go to bed.

And that’s it! It’s a rather art- and Minecraft-heavy day. Not nearly as frantic as when the kids were a few years younger. I can’t wait for spring so we can get out more!


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  1. Oh dear! I took the notes on my phone, so Swype helped autocorrect everything. No crushing of teeth occurred. 😀

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