This Week’s Favorite Things

It’s nice to list the things that go right for a lot of reasons. If you feel like you didn’t get anything done during the day, month, or year, you can look back and see all the great things you did. That part is also handy if you homeschool and need to report about what your children did.
It’s great for planning what to do other years — maybe you want to do something you did in the past, or maybe you want to make sure to do all new activities the next year.
I sometimes just like having a record of the things I did — I tend to forget if I don’t write things down. So it’s nice to see what I was doing last year, or the year before. Pictures, sounds, and smells help give my brain something to use to remember.

This is what we did this week:

  1.  Talked about solar flares, the magnetosphere, auroras, excited molecules, photon emissions, and various other astronomy stuff with the six year old. I was just about her age when I did a science fair project about sun spots, so it’s an extra special happy moment for me.

    A good page for tracking aurora weather: NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
    Another page for space weather and lovely aurora pictures: SpaceWeather

  2. Taught the ten year old about programming, using GameMaker.
    It’s a really nice program! We finished two short game tutorials
    already and he has a lot of ideas about where he wants to go from here.

    Anyone have any ideas for learning how to make nice game sprites and icons? I think our artistic abilities (or lack thereof) are going to trip us up…

  3. The three year old has actually been well-behaved lately. I’ve had time to do things for myself. I get to rest when I need to, which is nice. Plus, I’m learning how to play the guitar using Rocksmith (fun!), finding time to solder a little solar project together (muscle wires are so cool!!), plant my plants, play with the other kids, make music with Mixcraft, and so forth.
  4. The weather finally turned warm! The cold weather really drains me. It makes me hurt all over, no one ever wants to go outside, I always miss the sun, and I can’t plant more things in the garden. The kids played outside a lot! It’s about time.
  5. I started my tomatoes, peppers, and lavender downstairs and my cool weather crops outside! The girls and I also planted some flower seeds in their new flower garden.

    A great site for growing food: Grow It Eat It at the University of Maryland

  6. Finally saw the cherry blossoms with the kids — we missed the past two years. We spent a lovely afternoon and evening with their grandparents.
    National Cherry Blossom Festival

  7. I ate ahi tuna, a hamburger, and a turkey and swiss sandwich this week. Small victories! (Long story, health stuff. I’ve been living on boring mush for a few weeks).
  8. I’ve lost about ten pounds in four weeks. It was accidental (and really quite miserable at the time) but it’s a nice silver lining to my angry storm cloud of health nonsense. I have twenty more to go.
  9. I planned some more field trips for the kids (yay!) now that the weather is better. I really want to do a lot more traveling then we have. It’s just very difficult with my eating issues and dragging around a three year old.
  10. The kids are so much better at helping clean things up, when they are motivated to. It’s still a giant mess around here. I have no idea when it will ever be a decently organized place to live, but at least sometimes it seems like it might get better, eventually.

It was a good week.

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