Quick Notes…

Just a note that I updated the Making Cream Cheese post to point out you should sterilize your tools before beginning. No sense in making anyone sick.

Also no, my Don’t Break the Chain isn’t broken, I still haven’t exercised
this month — but really, we had to deal with Derechosaurus Wrecks and
the week of Swelter in Place, and the AC breaking and now a sick 2 year
old, so I think I’ll let myself off the hook!

Perhaps today will be the day I finally start the chain. I hope.

Maybe instead I’ll clean all the dirty things again. I really have been unpleasantly tired so far this month. Sleeping in weird houses, all the heat, sick babies, and trying too many FODMAPs challenges, I guess (I usually fail them…).

Anyway, I just made my second cream cheese (well, half and half cheese). Yay! What cheese should I try next? Something lactose-free. Maybe a farmhouse cheddar?

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