May Goals

1. Lose Weight:
Sure, maybe some, but mostly unintentional.

2. Get in Better Shape:
Well, if we take this to mean “get healthier” then, yes, I’ve been working on that. New doctor, new diet, new tests.

3. Wean the Baby:
Yep. It’s been over a week. Had to, in order to perform the aforementioned tests.

 4. Keep the House Cleaner:
Well, when I felt decent, we did keep it up alright. Right now it’s awful. But I’m pretty confident we can fix it up. The kids are getting more and more helpful over time.

5. Streamline bed time:
You know, they’ve been pretty awesome. A few nights the two older ones just helped get each other to bed because no one else was free.

6. Write more:
Not for May, but in June I’m going to try Camp NaNoWriMo. I can maybe write the book I intended to last November before I was wounded.

7. Volunteer:
Right now I’m putting my own oxygen mask on first.

8. More Trips:
This just wasn’t possible in May, with everything else going on, but we are trying to make plans for Christmas, the beach, and various other things.

All eight things are too much for any one month right now, but I am trying to let each one have a chance often enough. This month was good for taking care of me, the baby, and bedtime. In June I’ll clean up, write, and we’ll enjoy some summer activities. We have plans for camp, a baseball game, maybe some swimming, and hopefully a trip to the zoo. If everything goes great, by July I’ll feel amazing, I’ll have most of a book, a clean house, and energy to exercise, volunteer, see the folk life festival downtown, and maybe take a weekend trip.

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