Goals: April Update

What a month!

The kids and I have had upper respiratory infections for most of the past 6 weeks, and we went to Alabama. Either we’re crazy active, or we’re exhausted. It’s just one of those months.

1. Lose Weight:
Nope. Too busy trying not to feel sick. I thought I’d lost 7 pounds in Alabama, but I guess the scale was just being crazy that day.

2. Get in Better Shape:
I tried to start exercising, but then I couldn’t breathe thanks to being sick. I did get quite a bit of exercise in Alabama, but currently I’m stuck mostly in bed until my right interior oblique muscle stops hurting.

3. Wean the Baby:
Uh. Yeah. Get back to me when we’re not sick. It’s going okay… at least it’s less than it was.

 4. Keep the House Cleaner:
Um. No. We went on a trip and we’re all sick. Let’s hope May is better.

5. Streamline bed time:
The baby is going to sleep most nights with Dad, and I get to put the older two to sleep. When I’m not coughing up a lung or asleep, I even get to read to them!

6. Write more:
The first half of the month was awesome!

7. Volunteer:

8. More Trips:
YES! We went to Alabama and saw family. YAY! Wish we’d also managed to get to some other things this month.

I’ve been a bit despondent and whiny lately. It just seems like all this nonsense never ends and I’m letting everyone down. 🙁

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